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What is Moms Can: CODE?

Moms Can: CODE is a global co-learning community & instructor training program. 

Join our community to learn how to code & start your career as an instructor!

Membership Perks 


Connect with like-minded moms around the world that enjoy learning new skills too! On average, our members spend approximately 2 hours per day learning something new. 


Network with other moms who code, moms in tech, and industry experts at in-person events & online virtual summits. If you're feeling a bit rusty, we'll show you how to pitch yourself, reach out to people, and more. 


Share your personal story and journey via our social media channels to build your personal brand. Inspire other moms and also get your name out there for future clients and employers to see! 


Work in real-time with other moms looking to achieve the same goals! Choose a date and time to invite other members to join you to complete coursework together, chat, or discuss a certain topic. 


Become eligible for exclusive scholarships from our partners. Past scholarship partners include Bloc & Flatiron School. 


Be the first to learn of paid learning opportunities for moms like you. We work with our Internship partners to create paid remote and flexible learning opportunities for members of our community. We've also offered several paid remote internships over the past year. 


Access to exclusive discounts for conferences and products from our partners. Past partners include Dresscode Tech, Marlow, Tech Inclusion SF,  Synergy Global Conference, ngAtlanta, Wonder Women Tech, Tech Inclusion London, & more.


Access 59+ coding lessons via our partners at Progate plus project-based courses and webinars taught by trained Moms Can: CODE instructors and guests. You'll have access to replay all past content and register for special courses taught by very own members and instructors who are part of the community. 


Find or organize meet-ups in your town or city when you become a Moms Can: CODE workshop instructor! Sign-ups will re-open in August. 


Can I join even if don't know how to code? 

Yes! We're a supportive community of moms learning how to code together! 

Do you provide online coding courses or online instruction?  

Yes! You'll have access to 59+ lessons thanks to our partners at Progate, Moms Can: CODE online webinars and workshops taught by our online instructors, and you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Moms Can: CODE’s Virtual Summits & Hackathons!  

Are you a coding bootcamp?
A coding bootcamp is a technical training program that teaches the programming skills to job-seekers in a given time-frame. As a member of our community, you'll learn at your own pace and receive guidance from fellow members of the community.

Do you have a job or internship board?

We actively seek job and internship partners to offer opportunities to members of our community and share those opportunities when they become available!  

Do I have to be a mom to join? 

No! In fact, we have several members of the community who are not moms.

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